About Us

You may have wondered what Acoleye means: it's the old Dutch name for columbine!

As a collector of vintage and antique buttons for over 20 years I first became interested when collecting other antiques. The variety of designs on such small items however intrigued me more and more, so...that's how it all started. Now I am a member of the British Button Society, the USA National Button Society, and we have our 'Knopenverzamelaars' here in the Netherlands as well! I am based in the Netherlands and I sell buttons from my own collection, doubles, but also other buttons that I find in my search. Sometimes I am able to buy a small lot. Please have a look at my Ebay store: Acoleye Antiques and Collectibles (see link homepage). I intend to gradually broaden my assortment, including antique Italian seed beads. I am also interested in buying, from single buttons to larger stock.