Ordering details

Ordering is easy

Just send me an email: joan@acoleye.nl Please mention the item number(s), desired quantity (if applicable), full details about delivery address, and payment method. I will confirm your order by email, including information on the correct shipping fee, which depends on the weight of the envelope or package, country of destination and type of shipment (registered, etc.). If you wish to pay by Paypal, I will send you a Paypal invoice. Please send your payment within 10 days after the date of my confirmation email. I accept US dollars and Euros.

Payment method

U.S.A., Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand: Paypal preferred. I am very sorry, but I cannot accept money orders, international postal money-orders or cashiers checks. Europe: Paypal ou virement bancaire ou chèque (Crédit Mutuel). Je vous donne les détails apres la vente. Nederland: giro/bankoverschrijving Other countries: please send me an e-mail I accept cash USD or euros only by registered mail.

Shipping cost

Buyer pays for all shipping costs. Please inform if you wish registered or insured postage. The shipping charges include Priority shipment rate and a small charge for packaging and handling. I use excellent packaging such as bubble plastic and padded envelopes and for larger quantities little boxes. The overview below is based on envelopes and shows the shipping rate up till 250 grams. For heavier envelopes or packages, or for registered and/or insured, I will give you the exact cost upon request or after the sale. Please contact me for shipping cost. I accept both US dollars and Euros.